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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Plan B: Bombs Away

In case you don't want to save the world, or are feeling a little fed up with watching people in power piss upstream in our water supply and want to join in the destruction, check out this newest song I posted on myspace:

Bombs Away
(December 2008)

You might think it’s funny, but it ain’t,
ok maybe it’s a smileful, but it’s equally as wrong
that Superman’s locked out fighting the bad guys in his tights
the world went wireless and now he’s got no place to change back

the imagination’s a little biased,
for some reason ghosts can haunt us but we can’t touch them
if I could I’d find my papy’s ghost and give it a kick
for stealing my water, eyes, and right to breathe

do I need a chorus or is this just where you listen closest of all?
any nearer and I’ll bite, I’m full of tricks and quips
but I don’t kid when it comes to writing this song.

I asked my moonshadow for some advice
he said “I ain’t no different from that you/me under the sun,
but that fella hiding behind the light bulb, he’s a son of a gun.”

can’t we reach an understanding?
somewhere where I’m giving less but still looking like I’m on top,
can you really blame a guy for trying to f--- without a condom on?

I was hiding neath the slide til I was called out to play
you tickle me with thorns and call it rapture,
I’m not so sure I like you games
I’m still wearing centuries of scars from our past sandbox battles anyway
and if that’s the way this world works,
I’ll take my chances on the next life, bombs away

so we’re back here again to reflect,
dare I ask what we’ve learned?
basically a day’s a day even if it feels like a year
don’t look for change in a skeeter,
even elephants would be lucky to find a new horizon

whatever else you hear I meant the best and followed through ruthlessly
some tests I passed, some labs blew up
but most of the results are lost and missing to this day

but it’s all good we know the answer’s in our hearts,
we’ll decide for ourselves thank you,
we don’t need your mass-marketing Phizer copywrit fake-organic, sell the planet for a slogan wrapped in cellophane and poverty disease)
and if that’s the way this world works,
I’ll take my chances on the next life,
and you can stand slack-jawed if you want,
but I suggest getting your ass in gear
and start running for hills, bombs away


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