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Sunday, February 22, 2009

News blues

Not that this is going to shock anyone, but the conventional media are the groupthink brain of a system designed to keep people at best consuming, complacent, and distracted. As worst? Distrustful, divided, and bound & shackled.

I saw yet another documentary on this I wanted to share:

It's not terribly long, so I really suggest taking a looksees if you have about 20:59 seconds to spare (and I know you do!:-)
What impacted me most in this documentary was the direct, violent, unapologetic, state-endorsed police retaliation against protesters and independent news agencies. Some of the footage is just haunting. Hordes of police in Italy on camera committing the following crimes against journalists:
1) breaking & entering
2) armed un-aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (billy clubs, etc)
3) excessive damage to private property--destroying computers, windows, doors, etc.
4) conspiracy, destruction of evidence, obstructions of justice--the police officers specifically stripped reporters' computers of their memory cards that held images of previous police brutalities recorded on video during a demonstration against the G8 leaders.
5) ignorance of due process, torture--many journalists were arrested without reason and beaten while in jail by police.

How is it that things like this happen to independent journalists, whose goal is to ethically inform the public? And these kinds of actions go unpunished.

It is clear from instances like these that people with power do not want a knowledgeable citizenry, and will actively pursue violent means of maintaining a mentally handicapped public opinion.

Pardon my French, by fuck that. I am an intelligent human being and I'm going to act like one. There is a dignity to pursuing truth, and I'm going to strive to ask questions with moral curiosity. I'm worth more than the status quo life most blood-sucking corporate CEOs and politicians who sleep on piles of money that should be going to meet their citizens' needs––my life has more intregity to eat the oil-based corn and tripe they're passing off as reality.

This is not a mantra to stroke my own ego--I have better ways of doing that––it's a way of living that if everyone in the world believed in we could be in a much better position than we're currently in. Bent-over, back-broken, killing ourselves to labor for the top 2 percent who don't give a damn about how many people have to die to screw in a light bulb so long as that light bulb stays lit.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Daily Show is a better news program than CNN, ABC, FOX, NBC--all put together! Jon Stewart is an angel:

Here's one solution: Real News


Even if you don't care for Real News, please at least do yourself (and all of us) a favor: Stop watching TV news, standard, cable, all of it. In fact, go ahead and stop watching TV altogether. You'll find your head feels much lighter and less bogged-down with slogans, empty promises, weak reporting. Go online and find out information for yourself––there's plenty of it to go around if you look for it.

Peace in your search,


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