I'm living in Kusatsu-shi, Shiga-ken for an undetermined amount of time and teaching English as a second language at a local high school. This journal is to document my experiences, thoughts, and to stay connected with others at home and abroad.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New Year's Resolution

A bit late but still valid nonetheless:

Not to buy anything new.

I pledge to only buy used or post-consumer products, organic, and as-local-as-I-can-get food.

**For any moments of weakness when I find it contradiction inevitable (for example, in buying a cycle that can carry me across Japan for the BEE Ride this summer), I will in exchange reduce my junk pile of accumulated things with a product of equitable value. (for the new touring bike >>> my kyudo bow and arrows which have been sitting unused since I 'retired' from the sport a year ago to pursue music.


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