I'm living in Kusatsu-shi, Shiga-ken for an undetermined amount of time and teaching English as a second language at a local high school. This journal is to document my experiences, thoughts, and to stay connected with others at home and abroad.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Following up on that video from the other day, which I know is a tall order, I decided to add some photos from the hike we took the other week in Yokaichi, Shiga (Japan). It's not terribly far from where I live now, but for whatever reason it was my first time visiting. We hiked for a few hours through the mountains and ended up at Tarobogu Shrine (from the video). It's getting a little cold here, but I really glad that Efrem, Erin, and I could make the trek, because from here on I'm expecting nothing but below zero (Celsius mind you).


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