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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Writing from 関西空港 (Kansai 'The Titanic Tortoise' International Airport)

Yes, it is sinking, along with the billions of dollars invested in 2008 presidential election campaigns and the opening ceremony for the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics. Like global capitalism that will not be able to sustain the amassing blow of realistic oil prices (yes, we're actually asked to pay for what the shit is worth and it hurts, oh how it burns our spoiled govt-subsidized, super-sized wallets. Consider it a tithe for the pain our Earth is feeling. And pray I never become president, because even if I could swallow the moral prostitution, say I didn't do a whole lotta inhalin to please the Mighty Righties, and somehow ethically justify throwing billions of dollars to corrupt corporate media execs while people starve and suffer from an improvident healthcare/social welfare system--if all this were possible and I somehow made it to the White House, I could gurantee I would do everything in may steriod-riddled executive power to double, if not triple the current price on crude oil and gasoline as a tax for the environmental damage we cause in our pursuit of in.

Think about it, does the heroine junkie quit and recover by cutting back 50% over the next 40 years? Of course not, because he/she would long expire before the diplomatic remission date. Why does our govt seem to think it can keep attempting to eek out tepid proposals (which they have yet to follow through on, and besides the US, even those countries who stuck with the Kyoto Protocol are failing to meet their promises).

How much longer are we, the people going to keep letting govt/corporate cartels abuse their power, which derives, at least for the meanwhile, from us?

You do realize that the govt at it's Halliburton allies who are keeping The US mainlined into the oil-opiate, have been hiring private armies, mercenaries, on top of the US Army.

See Wikipedia's report on Blackwater for a compilation of the accusations against Blackwater's war crimes

See Videos of Blackwater agents killing civilians in Iraq

The govt and its Halliburton allies are amassing private armies, mercenaries, on top of the US Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, etc, to keep our oil-opiate addiciton running strong. Are we going to tacitly approve of outsorcing war by reaping the benefits comfortably at home. Is out of sight truly out of mind?

On a brighter note, I'll be back in the states soon so hopefully I'll get the chance to harangue many old friends and older family in person between today and Labor Day (I'm time-traveling, so August 12th is actually a 48 hour day for me: Depart 17:15 from Osaka, Arrive 11:07 in San Francisco).


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