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Friday, November 09, 2007

Share the Love of Rice

As you may know, in Japan people eat a lot of rice. Quite a bit, actually.
Speaking of rice here is an awesomely philanthropic website that my friend Tim showed me. It is called Free Rice.
As the name implies, if you go to this website you can win free rice. The catch is that you have to think a little bit. Multiple-choice questions that appear like a simplified version of the SAT verbal test will automatically appear, and for each correct answer you earn 10 grains of rice that sponsors will donate to a needy country. It's great fun if you're down with words, especially goofy words like crackerjack, immolate, and roily. I got hooked at school today and made 400 grains of rice in about 5 minutes. Plus this is great way to put all of those college hours of studying and reading to practical use.
So if you want to brush up for the SAT/GRE and or you just want to do a good thing at the risk of receiving wayward edification in the process, please check out Free Rice.


Blogger nitram said...

Fun! And comforting that I know a lot of words... at least when provided in a multiple guess format.

1:06 AM


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