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Friday, October 12, 2007


So two of my former college "roommates" came to visit me over here in Japan a few weeks ago. I say "roommates" because the situation would be more accurately described as, "crashing at their place two times a week or so because my dorm was far and I was constantly on the lam in my POS maroon 1993 Nissan Maxima from the campus parking police." (Those 12.5 are wastes of human resources, really. Can you imagine your job being to go around and make sure that the automobiles are stacked properly and conveniently? Don't people have enough dignity anymore to say no to jobs like that––so self-demeaning and remedial? Apparently not, because, without fail, every time I left my 1993 Maxi-Pad unattended on University property for more than 15 minutes I would get a ticket. $40 @&#*ing dollars that the University would then extort behind threats freezing my student account and prohibiting me from registering for classes until I paid. They stole about $200 from me over four years, the talentless excuses from walking tampons. But the joke's on them, because I somehow racked up another ticket from Japan––a long story involved car titles, lazy friends of friends, and so on––and they have no authority to coerce an alumnus into paying. I've got my diploma already, you heartless metermaids! What can you try and take from me now!!!!)

Now that's a tangent!

Any, so Sean and Sarah came to visit. Here is the rundown.

We look so innocent. And so tall. We stayed in an onsen (hot spring) town the first day, the best part being that you got to wear 下駄、geta=old-fashioned wooden shoes, and robes around the town like royalty. "Everybody is so much friendlier when they are on vacation and only wearing one thin layer in public." There's almost a catch line for nudist colony! There are better movies from later in the night (baring all in the robes) that we haven't figured out how to upload yet.

I don't think many people at 'Black Nikka" headquarters realized what would happen if one voiced the kk sound. This noxious concoction has been the butt of many jokes, "Since 1997."
***Update, the 'Black Nikka' name actually changed just about 2-3 weeks ago: Now they are calling is 'Black Clear Whiskey'. They're getting closer to PC but further from sense.

This scene is perfect for my second albums, entitled "Bears Singing on Bicycles". Honestly, I already had the title chosen months ago. This picture is serendipitously apt for the cover art.

This is after just one hour of karaoke. Somewhere between "Hey Ya" and "I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)" I ended up in this position. And don't jump to conclusions...it's wasn't the Nikka's fault. This was all due to his green Continental cousin––absinthe. It was a good nap.

I need more naps.


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