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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Another Cause to Save the World

As if we need another. This is why reading the newspaper is just so damn depressing. Everytime I read about the nonsense and cruelty that our government commits with the silent consent of Americans, it makes me want to take the little tiny snow globe that is our earth and SHAKE IT! Shake it so hard that the cars fall off the street and begin spinning in mid-air like glimmering flakes of snow. Shake it until a hurricane rips every home out of the earth, and destroys our construction technology along with it, so that if people want to continue living together they have to learn how to cooperate and build something with their own hands. Such a world-wide catastrophe might teach everyone living in expected luxury the meaning of value and work. To realize that all of their money means nothing because it will eventually disappear anyhow, and that no attempt of hording and fighting over billions today can buy enough insurance from their fears, from death. To the non-industrial world we call this Friday.

First, I am attaching an article from Mother Jones about the coerced Americanization of Iraq's politics and oil policies.

  • Iraq's/soon-to-be America's oil

  • If you check this out you will see that America's pusillanimous presence in Iraq after we invaded and conquered a sovereign nation and murdered their leader with no justification!––I believe this is usually a crime, except of course when America it the attacker––America's inability to create a stable environment for the Iraqi people created a situation that will lead to the division and auction of Iraq's oil to outside competitors. Who are the buyers? American, maybe some British, oil companies. Our government has been downplaying the circumstances in Iraq from the beginning, lying, if you will, to us about how dire the life is in Iraq. Despite all of our propaganda about "Liberating Iraq" through "Operation Iraqi Freedom", we have done nothing but enslave them to America's oil desires. The new laws being passed by Iraq's parliment will remove the large majority of commerical revenues overseas. Iraq cannot even protest in times of legal disagreement. The Iraqi people may not even be hired to work in the exploration of new oil.
    Here is another article to which the Mother Jones one led me:
  • Hands Off Iraq Oil

  • I don't want to just complain about the problems, I want to show that there is something that can be done about them. One of the most discouraging things nowadays is that I hear from so many people that they don't think they can do anything the change the problems. I see so much resignation and apathy growing in the eyes of people who are tired looking for answers, because they have been mislead so much by the media and government so often. I had a conversation with a friend yesterday, and he said something along the lines of, "Well, if I want to be a part of this society I have to just get used to the fact that what my country is doing is despicable. Even though we have democrats in the majority now, they are gonig to be able to solve a lot of these big problems."

    Exactly. The system we're working with is rife with corruption––we need to stop placing our energy and faith in people who take it for granted. Our society's aims are self-destructive and greedy––we need to try educate and nuture the upcoming generation so they do not make the same mistakes as we are.
    Think about what you are doing. You make think that there is nothing you can do, but keep looking. Don't take easy answers and stop trying because they are a lot of ugly people out there who can easily dissuade you from following the things that matter to you. Remember to think about things for yourself. You are not alone in wanting to do that, there are many more people our there with similar ideas.

    Another option, even if you haven't found what you want to do yet, but you know where you are going isn't the right way; there's nothing wrong with taking a time-out, journeying on your own for a little while until you can clear your head and discover things for yourself.



    Blogger Dr. Gn Sulpicius Rufus said...


    On your way to save the world again? I really doubt that anyone actually thought America invaded Iraq to liberate the Iraqis; that's just backwards in this political environment. The oil was incentive enough; the little Republican plot to have two (yeah... that really worked) Democratic nations in the region as pillars of stability; and for personal reason undisclosed.

    Oddly enough, I have come to the conclusion that if the world should be changed the best policy would be to utterly fail the Iraqis and pull out. Why? Because the apparati of the world does not allow hippie sentiments: that elects Nixon. With the bloated federal system we have, it's about success along party lines over a gradual period. The Republicans dreamed big and learned that they were too much of a) retards and b) retards to actually created a conducive plan for their scheme. Democrats need to force them out of office and enact policy that will accomplish things: getting pencils in every kids' hand; improve education; enfranchise minorities; things of that nature.

    The Iraqis got proper fucked on this little war, too. I love the fact that out of $12 billion of aid that America gave to Iraq, $9 billion went to surrounding industries: Jordan got $2 bil, and, low and behold, Bush's fellow monarchical family friend the Saudis got a wopping $7 bil for their industrial products. Meanwhile, the Iraqis have a lot of stuff: $12 bil worth; they just don't have any money because there aren't any jobs.

    These people are FUCKING idiots. Sure they know how to manipulate a Nascar dad to their ticket, but I hang my head in shame thinking about them actually running the most powerful country in the world. The only reason they're still on top of business is because that's how business is run.

    Retarded. It's not just lower intelligence: it is literal retardation . Oh well; why don't you come back and we'll do some politicking? Also; write an email every once in a while to see how everything is going. I'm almost done with the final draft on my manuscript: John Fuller and I are almost done with a pilot.

    2:06 AM

    Blogger nitram said...

    Come on!

    The question is quite simple, "How did our oil get under their sand?"

    11:57 AM


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