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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Thinking and Smiling

And maybe some singing...

This is a song I recently wrote. It doesn't have a title and I don't think it really needs one. It sings for itself. Except unfortunately it doesn't yet because I can only express my song via lyrics. Maybe this is poetry, who knows. There are other repeats and codas and whatnot, but this is the core, the oak's xylem, of the song. But I am hoping to soon figure out how to make this blog multimedia and throw up a recorded mp3 (or is it mp4 now?). But I am unusually slow with technology, if you cannot tell by the lethargic growth rate of this blog, so by soon, I mean within a year. Please bear with me. I still need recording equipment too. As of now, it is 20:57 Saturday, February 24th. Please accept the following until I can update my technology.

a rubber knife in your back,
second chance,
a hug your mother never gave you,

I don’t know how,
but I can’t wait forever,
so pick up your legs,
and teach yourself to dance!

Take a bite,
time will never forgive you,
if it’s poison, you’ll drop fast,
but it won’t hurt

your feet can’t lose,
they’ve already hit rock bottom,
and your face ain’t getting prettier.


make your breath a lighter,
please don’t stone press here,
this ain’t 1692,
but I know a trick or two,
I will make your head spin, spin, spin
like a taboo rising,
don’t hide your eyes!
or I’ll double in size!




Blogger Rebecca said...

You should be able to record it using Garage Band which I'm pretty sure they had it on your type of mac and I would be surprised if you couldn't upload songs onto this website - otherwise you may just have to get a myspace =)

12:42 AM


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