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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Another reason to become a vegetarian

This is too rich. I found this article when I was trying to discover who the single largest responsible human for greenhouse gases is. It turns out the person so despicable to smog-up our glass snow-dome is more inhuman that I had imagined...

It's the cow.

I'm not funning.

Here's a link to the article I read:

  • Cow farts burning up the atmosphere

  • In short, the United Nations realized that the methane produced by our earth's 1.5 billion and increasing bovines (that's a gaggle), coupled with the energy expense to raise and maintain them, make the world's cattle supply our most sublime threat. Methane apparently impacts global warming at 20 times the rate of carbon dioxide. The study didn't say, but I wonder how much methane do you think 6 billion plus humans create?––don't hold your breath, hold your ass-cheeks together! Clear-cutting for grazing ranges, meat production and transportation, and fertilizer for vainly upkeeping greenspace also all add to a grave danger.

    Tough shit, Brahma. We need to start killing some cows. At least in the short run, maybe my title is wrong...perhaps for the moment we should devour the remaining livestock and their fat, steaky, luscious, hormone-implanted herds. Of course in doing this we may accidently move on to a certain group Americans who resemble cow––their laziness, tendency to attract flies, excessive gas-productivity, failure to act with any concept of autonomy––and hence cannibalize more than half of the population. But that means half the Range Rovers, Lexii, Fords, Dodges, and Hummers--OH MY! I think I'm liking this idea even more. EAT ONWARD!

    Between cows and fish, I would again reccomend tofu. It's blandtastic!


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