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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Some natural Rorschach photos

So previously I posted some photos from the trip we took to the mountains. But here I want to follow-up on that, saving the best for last of course, with some of the eyesights that captivated me the most. So we are going to make a game out of it for everyone watching at home. If you have the time and interest, I would like to know what your titles would be for these photos––what do they "represent." However, I hate to deflate your subjective bubbles, but this is nature and not art, and therefore, I will post the "correct answers" at the bottom of this posting. If you have any qualms with the true answers, the only answers that matter because this is my blog and I am the mighty Blogger, please feel free to send them in. I am quite interested in hearing how you are wrong. Bring it on, I encourage arguments, but I reserve the right to moderate and censor you comments as I see fit (look at how American and democratic I have become! Remember, now that we "liberals" have the floor we can take back the power!!!!!)

Here they are in order:
1) A short-step toward hope
2) elect -- Damn you Frued, I can't stop thinking about Democrats!
3) 竜の頭: Head of a Dragon. Also acceptable is Katie's answer: A two-horned triceratops.
4) Last breath of the sun.

Again, please let me know if you have editorial delusions. I honestly hope people see through all of my charactered bullshit and write some of their own opinions.
Thanks, Peace,
Salem 聖礼夢 


Blogger rwillard said...

hahaha I love the second one!

12:23 AM

Blogger Dr. Gn Sulpicius Rufus said...

Just remember the face of Mars; it's all a matter of perspective.

10:36 AM


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